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November 13, 2018 to November 14, 2018

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8:00AM - 5:00PM

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Course Details

Course Outline
  • Overview of Operation – history, hardware, software/image processing
  • Mechanical Measurements with AFM – introduction to mechanical properties, phase imaging and associated bistability
  • Force spectroscopy – calibrations, contact mechanicals models, static and dynamic curves
  • Simulation tools for understanding the tip-sample contact
  • Advanced methods for Nanomechanical Characterization
  • SPM –based optical characterization (Raman, IR methods)
  • SPM for Industrial Applications (Pharmaceutical, semiconductor, energy)
What You Will Learn

Upon satisfactory completion of this course students are able to:

  • Understand AFM instrumentation theory, setup and operation as well as techniques in sample preparation, different modes, how to choose which mode, the parameters needed to run the basic modes successfully, image processing for analysis and interpretation.
  • Given AFM instrumentation and instruction, students setup, mount the sample, align, and operate the instrument successfully.
  • Given AFM instrumentation and instruction, student perform the necessary calibrations to quantify the measurements obtained with AFM.
  • Given AFM instrumentation and instruction, students operate the AFM in the main modes of contact mode, tapping mode, and force spectroscopy.  The student will also understanding which mode is appropriate for which type of sample and imaging
  • Students perform appropriate image processing with third party software in order to properly interpret their images.
  • Understand advanced imaging methods such as multifrequency imaging and AFM-optical methods such as AFM-IR and AFM-Raman.
Who Should Enroll

This course is intended for students new to atomic force microscopy/scanning probe microscopy or for experienced users who desire additional training. The audience is broad and includes both academic and industrial scientists and engineers from advanced undergraduates to seasoned professionals who are interested in learning about AFM and how it can improve their R&D efforts, including instrument operators, lab facility managers, materials scientists, technicians, and advanced undergraduates or graduate students.

Student Learning Resources

Based on availablity students will use:

  • Bruker Multimode AFM

Optional Recommended Text:
Scanning Probe Microscopy in Industrial Applications, edited by Dalia Yablon, Wiley [2013]. $133

Student Prerequisites

Freshman physics background is assumed.
No prior use of AFM/SPM is required.

Satisfactory Completion Requirements

Students are expected to successfully complete a variety of tasks in the form of hands-on exercises, laboratory exercises, identifications of unknowns, and quizzes. Students are notified at the end of the course whether or not they have successfully completed the requirements of the course based on:

  • 100% Attendance
  • Class participation
  • Completion of all course material
  • Completed and signed student evaluation form

Upon successfully meeting these requirements, a student is awarded a certificate of completion and CEU credits, if available. Those who have not successfully passed the course requirements do not receive a certificate or CEU credits.

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