Pigment Identification Course, Lewis University Campus

Course Details

During this 4.5-day Pigment Identification course, we’ll equip you with an Olympus SZX10 stereomicroscope and an Olympus BX51 polarized light microscope for use while the instructor guides you through techniques and methods for sampling pigments and performing pigment analysis. You’ll learn basic principles of both stereomicroscopy and polarized light microscopy, then put these instruments to use as you sample paintings and architectural materials and complete exercises that will help you to characterize materials. Sample preparation techniques will also be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced.

At the course’s conclusion, you’ll know:

  • How to sample paintings and architectural materials
  • How to identify artist’s pigments
  • Fundamentals of polarized light microscopy
  • How to analyze canvas fibers

The instructor will also discuss other confirmatory methods including FTIR, Raman, and EDS.



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