Polarized Light Microscopy, Online Course

Course Details

How does a microscope work? What are some analytical techniques? Tom Van Howe, Jr. will walk you through the fundamentals of light microscopy, and how to apply both quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify particulate matter through practical training in advanced techniques.

Material covered in this online, on-demand microscope training course:

  • Course Introduction
  • Modern Polarized Light Observations: What is Microscopy?
  • Micrometry: Ocular Scale Calibration and Size Measurements
  • Components and Functions
  • The Alignment Procedure
  • Crossed Polarized Light Observations: Signs of Elongation
  • Crossed Polarized Light Observations: Isotropy and Birefringence
  • Crossed Polarized Light Observations: Extinction Characteristics
  • Optical Crystallography
  • Conoscopy



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