SEM: Advanced Imaging

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Scanning Electron Microscopy: Advanced Imaging Practices

This advanced topics scanning electron microscopy (SEM) course provides instruction and hands-on practice for getting the best possible SEM images, especially from difficult samples or under challenging operating conditions. Signals and image generation, instrument operation, operating variables, image interpretation, and applications of SEM will be studied through lectures and hands-on practice. Advanced SEM imaging topics, such as very high resolution imaging and low voltage imaging, will be covered.

  • Sample preparation for SEM imaging
  • Optimizing microscopes for imaging
  • Imaging at low vacuum
  • Imaging at low accelerating voltages
  • Very high resolution imaging
  • Image analysis and interpretation

Students who have attended Hooke College of Applied Science’s Scanning Electron Microscopy course or an equivalent level of experience.

All instrumentation, materials, and supplies necessary for successful completion of this course will be provided onsite by Hooke College of Applied Sciences.

  • Detailed course manual
  • JEOL JSM-6480LV low vacuum SEM
  • JEOL JSM-6610LV low vacuum SEM

Scanning Electron Microscopy or an equivalent level of experience.

Students are expected to successfully complete a variety of tasks in the form of hands-on exercises, laboratory exercises, identifications of unknowns, and quizzes. Students are notified at the end of the course whether or not they have successfully completed the requirements of the course based on:

  • 100% Attendance
  • Class participation
  • Completion of all course material
  • Completed and signed student evaluation form

Upon successfully meeting these requirements, a student is awarded a certificate of completion and CEU credits, if available. Those who have not successfully passed the course requirements do not receive a certificate or CEU credits.

Please see our General Policies page for information related to course registration and cancellation.

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