Hirox RH-2000 Digital Microscope

Meet the new Hirox RH-2000.

Hirox has reinvented 3D digital microscopy, offering you an instrument that is easier, faster, and stronger. 

Discover inaccessible details, without any manipulation. All lenses include high-performance zoom incorporated technologies, as well as high-grade built in illumination, and precision mechanisms. The new bayonet mount features a one-step attachment, eliminating the need for additional cables.

With an ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection, the application software lets you instantly capture live images. Through the interface, you can take real-time measurements, count particles, detect particle size, and more. Recording and reporting options let you customize templates, and reports can be printed, saved, or exported to MS Office. 

Simply click on the 3D model to obtain point height measurements for both 2D and 3D rendered images. Other simple selections will deliver precise profile, volume and area, angle/radius, and roughness measurements. You can export 3D models in CSV format.

With a selection of lenses, stands, and peripherals, this digital microscope system can be configured in a variety of ways. Contact a Technical Representative to determine the elements that best suit your lab. 


Materials Analysis


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Hirox RH-2000 Digital Microscope Specs

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Faster — The resolution is higher than Full HD (1920x1200), at a very fast 50 FPS (special 100FPS mode at half resolution). State-of-the-art CMAS sensor with improved light sensitivity and very low image noise. 

Easier — New bayonet mounting system has built in electrical connections for automatic lens and adapter selection, control of the rotation, and more...without additional cables.

Stronger — New high-quality observation options give you perfect imaging and accurate measuring.

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