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Why choose online microscopy training courses at Hooke College?

Our instructors deliver, via professionally-produced videos, high-quality online microscopy and microanalysis courses that provide the essential skills needed for problem solving back at your own laboratory.

  • Your instructors each have more than 20 years of direct laboratory experience solving current industry challenges
  • You receive a robust learning manual
  • Professionally-produced videos recorded from several perspectives help you better understand the methods and lesson material

Polarized Light Microscopy

How does a microscope work? What are some analytical techniques? Tom Van Howe will walk you through the fundamentals of light microscopy, and how to apply both quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify particulate matter through practical training in advanced techniques.

Material covered in this online, on-demand microscope training course: 

  • Course Introduction
  • Modern Polarized Light Observations: What is Microscopy?
  • Micrometry: Ocular Scale Calibration and Size Measurements
  • Components and Functions
  • The Alignment Procedure
  • Crossed Polarized Light Observations: Signs of Elongation
  • Crossed Polarized Light Observations: Isotropy and Birefringence
  • Crossed Polarized Light Observations: Extinction Characteristics
  • Optical Crystallography
  • Conoscopy
  • Course Summary

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Scanning Electron Microscopy

Students with no prior experience will learn to align an SEM, obtain secondary electron (SE) and backscatter electron (BE) micrographs, and perform EDS qualitative and quantitative analysis. For students with prior experience, instructors Craig S. Schwandt, Ph.D., and Douglas C. Meier, Ph.D. emphasize techniques to identify particles and optimize SEM and EDS analysis for a wide range of materials analysis problems.

What you will learn in this online, on-demand scanning electron microscopy course: 

  • Course Introduction and objectives
  • Instrument Basics: Vacuum
  • Instrument Basics: Emitter
  • Instrument Basics: Column
  • Instrument Basics: Detectors
  • Image Acquisition: Alignment
  • Image Acquisition: Parameters
  • Quantitative Mapping
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Course Summary

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