How will you use your Nikon DS 1000 camera? 

2021 Nikon DS1000 free with purchase

Through March 19, 2021 we’re pleased to offer you a free Digital Sight 1000 microscope camera and power supply with the purchase of a Nikon compound microscope* (upright or metalograph) or a Nikon advanced/research stereo microscope**.

The new DS 1000 is an economical color camera that can display high-definition microscope images on a full HD display without the need for a PC. It can be connected to a tablet, or you can take advantage of the built-in SD card slot for direct image capture.

By connecting the microscope to a camera and HDMI monitor, you can capture movie and still images, and date can be saved, if you prefer, to an SD card. No PC connection is required to display scales and reticles, or to conduct simple measurements.

Contact us to learn more, or send us a sample or two. We’ll happily provide a remote demonstration for you.


Nikon DS1000 with power supply

*LV100N, LV150N, L200N/ND, L300N/ND, MA100N, MA200
**SMZ18 or SMZ25


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