Collaborating to characterize nanomaterials.

Industry Focus

When you are analyzing nanomaterials, the details matter.

“Scientist pay attention to details,” says Mak Koten, Ph.D. “We can’t jump to conclusions, we can’t overstate how confident we are. The biggest thing is bringing a realistic perspective to the data.”

Dr. Koten is a senior research scientist at McCrone Associates, where he relies on scientific rigor every day.

“There are a lot of industries that are putting a lot of money into developing nanomaterials and nanotechnology,” Dr. Koten says. “I have experience characterizing quite a variety of those (nanomaterials).”

Dr. Koten’s expertise is in the growing field of nanotechnology. His experience characterizing a variety of nanomateirals make him an asset at McCrone Associates, where an increasing number of clients have begun investing and developing at the nano level. It’s a growing industry – and a whole new scale of development.

And yet the scientific tools of data-driven problem solving will remain the same as ever, with team members like Koten using their expertise to gather evidence, make good decisions and solve problems.

“At The McCrone Group, the scientists are the ones actually working with clients… to solve problems.” Dr. Koten says.

Mark (Mak) Koten is a senior research scientist at McCrone Associates. He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where his postdoctoral research helped identify the materials selection parameters that can lead to core-shell nanoparticle formation directly from the gas phase . Mak has been with McCrone since 2017.