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D.B. Cooper could have worked at Portland-area tech firm, scientists say

Recent data provided by McCrone Associates, which specializes in particle analysis, led Citizen Sleuths to identify two firms in the Portland area that could have ties to D.B. Cooper.

The Oregonian/Oregon Live
by Kale Williams – January 16, 2017

A group of amateur scientists claim they may have narrowed the suspect pool in a case that has stymied the experts for decades.

The infamous case of D.B. Cooper and the nation’s only unsolved skyjacking has left investigators befuddled since a parachuted Cooper leapt from a Boeing 727 headed to Seattle from Portland on Nov. 24, 1971.

But a team of “Citizen Sleuths” say that evidence they’ve uncovered could mean that Dan Cooper, the name used when the culprit bought his one-way ticket with cash, was in fact an employee of some sort of aerospace engineering firm.

The crucial pieces of newly uncovered evidence: thousands of microscopic particles on a $3 clip-on necktie from JC Penney.

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