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Direct, Real-Time Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Cinnamon (American Laboratory)

Direct, Real-Time Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Cinnamon
American Laboratory – April 5, 2016
by Joseph R. Swider, Jeffrey A. Jankowski, and Antonio Sobevski

To ensure food safety, rapid detection of adulterated and counterfeit food products is critical. One such method, Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) (IonSense, Saugus, Mass.), quickly screens and analyzes a wide array of samples for mass spectral information and does not require sample preparation.

As an example, several recent studies detail the analysis of cinnamon, mostly using chromatographic methods. High concentrations of coumarin in cinnamon have prompted numerous investigations as well, as its presence is suspected of being harmful. All of these studies require sample derivatization and long analysis times.

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