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Forensic Microscopy Expands Its Reach (BioPhotonics)

Forensic Microscopy Expands Its Reach
By Ilene Semiatin
BioPhotonics – October 2017


Training and education are another way in which digital image management can help improve forensic accuracy and quality. “People in the field are starting to take more control of their professional development. They want their findings to be rock solid,” said Charles Zona, Dean of Students at Hooke College of Applied Sciences, a division of the McCrone Group, Westmont, Ill., one of the nation’s preeminent institutions dedicated to forensic science. “There is growing interest in certifications and specializations for various aspects of microscopy.”

The McCrone Group offers courses in specialized microscopy for forensics. In addition, the McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles, now celebrating its 50th anniversary as a reference tool, contains more than 1100 images and is fully available online at no charge. Professional microscopists and trainees use the Atlas to help in materials characterization and particle identification, sharpening their skills by comparing their findings with top-quality images.

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