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FOX10 News Investigates: Coal Uncovered

Kati Weis, Fox10 News Reporter
FOX10 News, Mobile, AL
May 17, 2016 

MOBILE, AL (WALA) – Is coal dust really a problem in downtown Mobile? FOX10 News Investigates put that question to the test for this two-part special report. (See the first part here.)

We hired McCrone Associates, a laboratory in Illinois, to test dust samples taken across downtown. Samples were taken from five locations: DeTonti Square, the Convention Center, the LoDa Entertainment District near Cathedral Square, South Dearborn Street in the Church Street neighborhood, and a home a block away from Council Traditional Elementary School.

McCrone gave FOX10 News strict instructions for collecting the dust samples, noting if possible, it’s best to collect the samples as loose dust samples, which means we would brush or scrape the dust from the side of the building into a small container.

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