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Investigating Glass Delamination (Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News)

Investigating Glass Delamiantion
Kristie Diebold
Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News- December 2, 2011

A researcher tackles some commonly asked questions about the delamination issues that have been troubling the industry.

A spate of drug recalls earlier this year has renewed attention on their cause: glass delamination. Glass vials have been long considered safe because of their longevity in the industry.

Senior research microscopist Kristie J. Diebold of McCrone Associates, the analytical division of The McCrone Group, answers some questions frequently posed to the group about how to better understand glass delamination and determine potential causes. The McCrone Group, a microscopy, microanalysis, and materials characterization company, has developed methods that drug manufacturers can use to pretest glass vials to ensure product-packaging compatibility as an alternative to reactive quality testing.

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