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Made in Chicago: McCrone Group Analytical Lab

Julie Mann, Managing Editor
CBS | WBBM Newsradio
February 7, 2017

CHICAGO (CBS) — Founded 60 years ago and located in Westmont is a company that is under the microscope.

The McCrone Group and its 25,000-square-foot analytical lab provides materials analysis and instrument sales, and operates a college to teach what they are experts in — the examination of particles under a variety of high powered microscopes to find the cause of contamination and material failures in drugs, food products, glass, paint, plastics and metals.

McCrone researchers have helped in the preservation of Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, studied moon dust, and identified what was behind the green spots that were appearing on a variety of hams. Those are just some of the 60,000 projects McCrone has been a part of.

McCrone President David Wiley said they don’t conduct analysis for individuals, but focus on worldwide industries, organizations, and businesses with particle-based problems; each day bringing a new mystery they attempt to solve.

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