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McCrone Helps Harness Power of Benchtop SEM (Pittcon Post Show)

McCrone Helps Harness Power of Benchtop SEM
Pittcon Post Show – March 12, 2014

Benchtop scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) can benefit labs that require high-resolution, nanometer scale images. They boast imaging and analysis capabilities comparable to their full-size tungsten SEM counterparts without the learning curve, power needs, or footprint of the latter. They’re also relatively inexpensive and save time. Some versions such as the JEOL Neoscope II benchtop SEM can image conductive and non-conductive samples in only three minutes.

While it’s easy to see why labs are interested in buying benchtop SEMs, they should carefully think through their analytical needs before purchasing.

“Microscopy can go in so many different directions,” said Jeff McGinn, president and director of instrument sales for McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, a member of The McCrone Group and a provider of benchtop SEMs and other microscopes. “We help our clients by asking questions to ensure a benchtop SEM will truly meet their needs, such as: What is the sample type? What do you want to see or detect?”

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