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North Central student first to earn nation’s only degree in chemical microscopy (North Central College)

Press Release
North Central College – March 16, 2015

North Central College senior Marissa Bartz is looking forward to June when she’ll become the first to complete the nation’s only program offering a bachelor’s degree in chemical microscopy.

When Bartz enrolled at the College in fall 2011, North Central and the Hooke College of Applied Sciences in Westmont had just announced a partnership to offer the nation’s only four-year degree in chemical microscopy. Chemical microscopy involves the use of microscopes to solve various chemistry problems, including contamination, particle identification and materials analysis.

Bartz decided to major in chemical microscopy and minor in art history. She hopes to pursue a career in art conservation, applying her skills to analyze and retain the original makeup of valuable paintings and other works of art.

“The combination of the liberal arts education at North Central and the unique class structure at Hooke College really gave me a one-of-a-kind way to address problems people encounter on the job,” Bartz says. “The liberal arts and science education at North Central showed me how different disciplines connect, and Hooke College showed me how theoretical knowledge is the basis for the practical solution to any problem.”

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