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Solving Pharmaceutical Packaging Problems with Microanalysis (Pharma)

Solving Pharmaceutical Packaging Problems with Microanalysis
Mary Stellmack
Pharma Magazine – June 4, 2013

As manufacturers increasingly outsource packaging processes, their market position may depend heavily on their attention to quality. Packaging contributes to the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Compatible packaging may help to prevent unwanted consequences for the consumer and protect the manufacturer’s reputation.

Pharmaceutical packaging is designed to protect the product from damage and contamination; occasionally, however, the packaging itself is the source of product contamination. Scientists at McCrone Associates use a variety of modern microanalytical instruments to analyse samples to help clients determine the probable source of contamination and material defects. The causes of contamination and material defects can often be determined through the isolation, characterization and identification of particles. Sometimes, all that is needed to identify an unknown material is a visual examination under a light microscope.

The following two case studies illustrate how pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and manufacturers have worked together to correct contamination and material defects, preventing further customer complaints.

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