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The Importance of IACET CEUs: Why Your Students Should Care (IACET)

Charles A. Zona
IACET – February 23, 2015

When my students ask me about what IACET is and what being an Authorized Provider (AP) means I usually start with a conversation about transparency. IACET providers intentionally inform students about several key aspects of a course before ever setting foot in the classroom. Sometimes, awarding IACET CEUs is attractive to students who are looking to apply their CEUs to an advanced degree program as well as those who just want the peace of mind that the course they are paying to attend issues CEUs recognized by a governing third party. In reality, at least with regards to our students—who are mostly degreed professionals seeking professional development— these two factors are rarely ever encountered. In our experience, it does not seem that students seeking professional development find our status as an Authorized Provider to be critical, in other words, it’s not a deal breaker for them, although it should be. What I tell students, as consumers of education, is that IACET accreditation provides transparency from the provider to the student and demonstrates a high quality continuing education program that meets the IACET standard for professional training.

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