2016 Learning Resolutions Available at Hooke College of Applied Sciences

New Year’s resolutions are usually a promise one makes as an act of self-improvement to be carried out during the New Year. This year we have put together many new learning opportunities including new courses and webinars that will definitely deliver in the self-improvement area and are totally achievable.

Learning Resolutions for 2016

  1. Webinars and Technique Videos: Watch one of our short and informative webinars or videos each month in 2016. This one is easy because you can do it from any mobile device and it is absolutely free!
  2. Modern Microscopy: Read one Modern Microscopy article per month. Again, this one is easy because it is free and can be viewed on any mobile device.
  3. McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles: Subscribe to the McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles and check out the free tutorials associated with many of the samples. Just search “tutorial” and you will have an extended list of tricks and approaches to help you identify a wide variety of particle types.
  4. Professional Development Courses: Okay, now things get a bit more difficult because we have entered into the realm of time and money, but because our courses are largely hands-on, students come away with a ‘ton’ of useful information that can be applied immediately on the job. Here is a list of course offerings new to Hooke College in 2016.
  5. Create a Customized Course: If you have gone through the first four learning resolutions you might be ready to zero in on a very specific application or technique. We offer any combination of topics from our course list and will tailor a course based on your real-world needs.
  6. Need Academic Credits? How About Attending a 3+1 Course?  Are you looking to earn college credit in 2016? If so, check out our undergraduate programs in materials analysis and applied microscopy. Hooke College of Applied Sciences is an academic partner with the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA). ACCA is a consortium of 15 private liberal arts universities and colleges in the Chicago area. Upon taking one of our weeklong courses, college credit is available through their institution. If you are thinking of pursuing a degree in 2016, we also offer bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Microscopy and Applied Microscopy through North Central College and Concordia University Chicago.

Happy New Year from Hooke College of Applied Sciences!


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