Was That a Bolt in My Apple Fritter?

There are thousands of cases each year of contaminants ending up in the food products we consume. Have you ever wondered how these contaminants are identified? McCrone Associates provides analytical services of food, beverage, and other consumer packaged goods identifying contaminants connected to food production problems, or raw materials adulteration. Many questions can be resolved during an initial assessment using light microscopy.

Upon delivery of the apple fritter to McCrone Associates, the project began with isolation of the bolt from the fritter. The bolt and the fritter were individually inspected with the aid of a light microscope to document evidence indicating whether the bolt was baked into the fritter or intentionally added as an adulterant. Inspection under the light microscope revealed unambiguous evidence of grease-covered thread impressions from the bolt in the fritter dough. These results led to the conclusion that the bolt was, in fact, baked into the fritter, which initiated a manufacturing process investigation.

In some cases the evidence from the initial assessment is inconclusive, leading to the need for additional testing to further characterize the sample and/or determine the source of the contamination. Having over 60 years of experience with forensic analysis and investigational analysis allows McCrone Associates to expertly provide clients with a range of identification options from initial assessment to comprehensive characterization.



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