Don Brooks – A Remembrance and Tribute

Having worked with Don Brooks for more than half a century, I have witnessed his leadership of the company over the years. His impact on the field of microscopy and materials sciences was indeed significant. He was not a practicing microscopist, although he effectively owned millions of dollars’ worth of microscopes—past and present. If I had to describe his impact on the field of microscopy, it would be as a Facilitator and Visionary. I believe these words accurately capture the essence of Don’s deliberate advancement of the field of applied microscopy and microanalysis. Don always created interesting opportunities, both large and small, for microscopists to explore and expand their craft. If they chose to do so, he provided the best instruments possible, along with his thoughtful direction and generous guidance.

As CEO of the McCrone Group he provided the opportunity for me and others to participate and continue to make meaningful contributions to the field of microscopy by writing articles and books, creating learning programs for the modern microscopist, and contributing to our online platforms, including the McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles, Modern Microscopy, and instructional webinars.

John Delly McCrone Lifetime Achievement Award
Don presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to John in celebration of his 50th Anniversary; April, 2015.

His visionary and facilitating nature was ever present in each of the divisions of The McCrone Group, starting with McCrone Associates, the widest array of micro-analytical instruments and subject-matter experts assembled under one roof, or by offering the latest equipment from McCrone Microscopes and Accessories, and the founding of Hooke College of Applied Sciences—all with the overall goal to meet the needs of both the customer’s and society. Don may not have looked down a microscope often, but he did observe very closely the people who worked for him, making sure that they had the necessary instrumentation, a comfortable working environment, and the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.


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