Evidence from the Earth: Forensic Geology and
Criminal Investigation

by Raymond C. Murray


Mountain Press Publishing Company (2004), Post Office Box 2399, Missoula, Montana 59806 USA

ISBN 0-87842-498-9

240 pages, 30 B&W photographs, 14 illustrations

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Ray Murray’s new book is great; I would say perfect. 
It represents the best job yet describing and illustrating forensic geology. 
The title perfectly reflects the subject, and each topic is marvelously
composed into a concise and coherent chapter summarizing the various aspects
of forensic soil and other earth materials comparisons.  The topics include:
sands, soil, rocks, minerals, gems, glass, safe insulation, building materials,
cleaning and face powders, abrasives, pigments, and geophysical survey
methods.  Both collection and examination techniques are discussed using
historical accounts and case examples at every juncture to add to a better
understanding of forensic geology. 


Although written for a variety of audiences (geologists,
forensic scientists, forensic investigators, and the interested public), the
science seems impeccable everywhere too.  A useful glossary is included to help
those less knowledgeable in geology.  The book is not intended to be a reference
text for forensic microscopists responsible for comparing soil, rocks, glass,
and other building materials, because there are many tried and true sources for
more details, and some are referenced in the book.  Evidence from the Earth
is highly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in forensic
science, and, certainly, would be valuable to ground the forensic microscopist
in the basic concepts of using evidence from the earth.