Expand Your Knowledge of Materials Analysis

As a valued client, our project scientists work closely with you to align our capabilities and services to establish the best analytical approach required to answer your particulate contamination questions. Often, that process limits the opportunity to explore the full range of materials analysis expertise available from McCrone Associates. You can expand your knowledge and understanding by taking advantage of our free webinars and client seminars.

Client seminars and webinars each provide distinct advantages to you. Client seminars offer you the opportunity to visit our facility, tour our labs, and meet and speak in person with the scientist you interact with. These face-to-face interactions really allow us to know you, and how we can assist you, more completely. Our webinars cover a wide range of topics, but are short, to the point, and available live on their first scheduled release date and on demand shortly afterwards.

Both utilize case studies to explain the analytical information provided by micro- and nanoanalysis instrumentation and techniques, and clearly demonstrate their value in solving your analytical project.

The next webinar will discuss the uses of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, also known as elemental spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA). Case study examples will demonstrate how this analytical method may be of use to you.

Custom options for learning more about our services are also available. We can provide you with a tour of our facilities and engage in discussions regarding your analytical service needs. At your request, members of our technical staff are prepared to visit your facility, present our capabilities and hear about your specific challenges.

Of course we are always available and willing to answer your questions; simply give us a call or contact us.


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