Industrial Microscopy Specialization: Microscopy’s Micro-credential

Industrial Microscopy Specialization

Described as “the unbundling of traditional degreed programs,” it appears that today’s education offerings are going micro. Microlearning programs, referred to as “nanodegrees” or “microdegrees” even “bite-sized,” are laser focused on developing real-world skills in a short period of time and at a reasonable price. As examples, just last month edX released more topics in its MicroMasters program, or just look at the tremendous success of computer coding bootcamps, along with many other collaborative programs being developed between higher education and continuing education providers. Employers are slowly beginning to recognize the value of these microcredentials which deliver the skills associated with job qualification that are sometimes missing from traditional degreed programs. As this continued shift in higher education plays out, we expect to see further development in such competency-based programs.

Since the start of our Hooke College of Applied Sciences 3+1 microscopy degree programs we have experienced strong interest from our professional development students that are industry professionals looking for a similar credential but can’t devote several semesters to receive the skills necessary to get that promotion or a desired career change. To answer this call we now offer an Industrial Microscopy Specialization, a competency-based learning program for those with a science degree who can acquire workplace skills without having to go back to college.

In many ways the program is structured exactly like our 3+1 academic partnership programs in Applied Microscopy and Chemical Microscopy. Our Specialization program is a bit different in that it includes courses which represent the most common instrumentation found in industry, along with sample preparation and a capstone project.

  • Scanning electron microscopy course + practicum project
  • FTIR microscopy course + practicum project
  • Polarized light microscopy course + practicum project
  • Sample preparation course + practicum project
  • Capstone project

View the details and FAQs for the Industrial Microscopy Specialization program, and contact Hooke College for further information.


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