It All Starts with Good Sample Preparation

Gabbro thin section
Gabbro, thin section.

Regardless of the type of microscopy analysis you are performing, one aspect remains constant—you need to properly prepare your sample. Your samples may need to be resin mounted for metallurgical grain analysis, sputter-coated for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), or thin-sectioned in order to observe different layers within a polymer. The McCrone Group can help with all of your microscopy sample preparation needs, and help you do your job more efficiently. In this article let’s focus our attention on the exciting sample preparation equipment offered by McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, and the courses that we teach at Hooke College of Applied Sciences, a member of The McCrone Group.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories (MMA) regularly provides sputter coaters and microtomes to our clients, and we have recently started to offer the full line of Extec grinder/polishers, cutting saws and mounting presses for metallurgical sample preparation. These exciting instruments, manufactured by Extec Corporation, offer user-friendly touch screen keypads for simple operation, water saving functions, and easily interchangeable mold assemblies. MMA is also an authorized dealer for the full line of Nikon microscopy equipment, so please let us know how we can help you design your lab space to include these instruments and optimize your workflow.

In addition to all of the microscopy and sample preparation equipment that we offer, MMA always provides onsite installation and training, and more importantly, Hooke College of Applied Sciences (HCAS) offers regularly scheduled courses at our facility. All of our microscopy courses include some form of sample preparation training, whether it be SEM, FTIR or Polarized Light Microscopy.

At The McCrone Group we are passionate about good sample preparation. Please let us know how we can help with your sample preparation equipment and training needs!


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