Lab Mill Grinder Options: Good Sample Preparation Affects Analysis

It has long been known that good analytical results begin with good sample preparation. Preparing your sample correctly from the start will lead to efficiencies and repeatability downstream.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories (MMA) has been providing the McCrone XRD Mill to laboratories around the world since the 1970s. A little over 10 years ago MMA partnered with Verder Scientific and their milling and sieving division, Retsch, to offer a wider variety of mills, grinders, and crushers. We’re proud to offer the following products for your milling and sample preparation needs:

  • The McCrone XRD Mill is the optimal choice when preparing samples for XRD analysis. The unique grinding action of the 48 cylindrical grinding elements rapidly reduces samples to submicrometer sizes required for quantitative XRD analysis.
XRD-Mill McCrone
XRD-Mill McCrone
  • Available in eight sizes, Retsch Jaw Crushers are the ideal instruments to pre-crush all hard and brittle materials. The main fields of application for a jaw crusher include building materials, mineralogy, ceramics, materials science, and environmental analysis.
Retsch Jaw Crusher BB 100
  • Retsch Mixer Mills pulverize and mix powders and suspensions efficiently down to nanometer range, and offer three different grinding modes – dry, wet, or cryogenic. These versatile benchtop units are used in many fields including pharmaceuticals, biology, food science, plastics and polymers.
Retsch MM 500 Mixer Mill
Retsch Mixer Mill MM 500
  • Retsch Planetary Ball Mills, available in five models, are used whenever the highest degree of fineness is required. These mills meet all of the technical requirements for colloidal grinding and have the energy input necessary for mechanical alloying processes. These are ideal for plastics, metallurgy, geology and pharmaceuticals.
Retsch Planetary Ball Mill PM 200

We are happy to run a demonstration for you—contact us today to learn more about these efficient, capable products.


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