The McCrone Group Joins LyoHUB

Lyophilization, commonly known as the freeze-drying process, is a controlled method that slowly removes water from materials to make them more stable, and to increase their shelf life. If you have ever enjoyed dried strawberries or blueberries you have experienced firsthand the science of lyophilization. Or perhaps more importantly, if you have received a reconstituted injectable pharmaceutical drug you have also benefited directly from the science of lyophilization.

So, what is LyoHUB?

LyoHUB is a consortium of academic, industrial, and government organizations with a common interest in improving lyophilization technology to make food and pharmaceutical products safer and more affordable. The group includes some of the most well-known names in lyophilization, individuals who have pioneered many of the techniques we use today. Also represented are the companies that produce the necessary equipment for R&D and production. LyoHUB also offers a tremendous amount of resources, including animations, courses, databases, learning modules, and much more.

Ruben Nieblas of McCrone Microscopes & Accessories demonstrates a Freeze Dry System.
Ruben Nieblas of McCrone Microscopes & Accessories demonstrates a Freeze Dry System.

As a member of The McCrone Group, Hooke College of Applied Sciences, as an option for our students and a follow-on to the lyophilization course, will bring students to LyoHUB for a tour and continued course activities. Our hope is to further equip students with 21st century skills that are only found in a collaborative environment such as LyoHUB. This new institution will engage and invite all learners to share resources, and inspire cooperation to further develop the science and practice of lyophilization, while continuing to attract smaller and larger firms to collaborate with LyoHUB.

Look for more information about this unique opportunity later in 2017.


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