McCrone Microscopes & Accessories Now Offering Motic Microscopes for Life Science Applications

Throughout our history, McCrone Microscopes & Accessories (MMA) has commonly offered microscopes for industrial applications, serving customers in manufacturing, environmental, and materials research laboratories. Our passion for polarized light microscopy created a natural ability to provide the right microscopes to meet our clients’ needs. As the compound polarized light microscope market grew, we entered other areas of microscopy, including stereo microscopes for sample preparation and particle manipulation and measuring microscopes for metrology applications.

Many of our industrial clients have cross-over needs that might require a microscope system configured for a life science application, such as biopharmaceutics. These microscope systems may need a specific fluorescence range, contrast method, or inverted platform. MMA is happy to announce that we now offer the full line of Motic microscopes for life science applications. Check out these exciting microscopes!

Photomicrograph from a Motic microscope
  • Cell culture applications can be simplified with a cell and tissue culture inverted Motic microscope system. These easy-to-use microscopes allow you to configure a complete solution to meet your needs. With multiple condenser, illumination, contrast-method, and digital imaging capabilities, the Motic AE31E is the perfect microscope for all types of biological applications in clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories.
Motic AE31 with epi illumination and fluorescence
  • Are you building a classroom to teach biological sciences, or do you have the need for a simple compound biological microscope? The Motic BA210 is designed for basic life science and medical applications. A variety of accessories are available, including an LED light source, epi-LED components, and phase contrast.
Motic BA210 basic biological microscope
  • Do you need a more advanced compound biological microscope to serve your daily routine work? The Motic BA310 is a professional transmitted light microscope designed for use in universities, clinics and laboratories. Trinocular and teaching heads are available for digital documentation.
Motic BA310

These are just a few of the new and exciting life science microscopes that we now offer. Please check out our website for more. Would you like to see an online demonstration of any of these instruments? Let us know and we’ll be happy arrange a remote demo for you!


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