McCrone Microscopes & Accessories Now Offers Hybrid Confocal Microscope to Remain at the Forefront of Microscopy

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories is pleased to introduce the Lasertec Optelics Hybrid Confocal Microscope.

Featuring a new 405 nm laser light source, the Optelics Hybrid provides clear images from noncontact observation of extremely small structures in the nanometer-scale world. It uses a xenon lamp, which produces a spectrum of light similar to that of sunlight. Full-color confocal provides high-resolution images with good color separation and high depth of field. The microscope visualizes small bumps and dents on samples by the combined use of confocal and differential interference (DIC) optics. Height measurement in the nanometric scale is performed via vertically scanned white light interferometry and spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement. Angstrom scale can be measured via phase shift interferometry.

The Optelics Hybrid field of view is approximately 1.6 times wider than a typical scanning laser microscope having a lens of equal magnification. Patchwork is used to generate a wide FOV image by joining smaller images, allowing operators to perform measurement of large samples with ease. Observation and measurement can be carried out on a variety of samples including semiconductor materials and devices, transparent films, ITO films, MEMS, coating materials and films, inorganic and organic materials, biological samples, metal parts, and plastic parts.

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