Products to Streamline Your Analytical Research

Streamline your analytical research in 2017 with these new products from McCrone Microscopes & Accessories!

2017 will be a very exciting year for McCrone Microscopes & Accessories as we release multiple new products, all designed to help you carry out your research more efficiently and effectively. Take a look at what’s coming!

The all-new Linkam freeze drying vial system (FDVS) has been optimized for simulating the industrial freeze drying process in a compact and efficient form. By incorporating vials, the FDVS works with a small sample volume and simulates large scale industrial processes while minimizing sample waste. It saves time, money and has been designed to save space. It is mounted on an ergonomically designed table which houses controller units underneath.

Linkam FDVS
Linkam freeze drying vial system (FDVS).

Another new Linkam product in 2017 is the new optical DSC450 system. The optical DSC450 (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) system has been optimized to measure the transition temperatures and enthalpy changes within samples. The design allows for mounting of the stage on a microscope, enabling image and time lapse recording of sample transitions at high resolution. The dual pan DSC enables the user to measure thermal and glass transitions of a wide range of substances while accurately controlling temperature from -196°C to 450°C. The new dual pan feature allows simultaneous analysis of both the reference pan and the sample pan.

Linkam DSC450 McCrone Microscopes & Accessories
Linkam optical DSC450.

New from Nikon is the DS-Fi3 and DS-L4 microscope camera and control unit. The DS-Fi3 microscope camera and the DS-L4 camera control unit are part of the Nikon Digital Sight series. The Digital Sight series has gained a strong reputation amongst universities and laboratories in the medical and biological fields as well as industrial R&D and inspection sites. The DS-Fi3 introduces high-resolution color imaging, high sensitivity, low noise, high-speed live display and excellent color reproducibility. It is presented alongside the DS-L4 tablet-type compact camera control unit optimized for ease-of-use, succeeding the DS-L3.

Nikon's new DS-Fi3 digital microscope camera.
Nikon’s new DS-Fi3 digital microscope camera.

Please take a look at these new and exciting instruments for 2017! We would be happy to show you how they can improve your workflow.


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