The moment our clients see something in their sample they haven’t seen before is the moment we live for. No two labs, no two samples, and no two problems are ever the same—that’s what makes microscopy exciting! At McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, our experience is our greatest asset—we work with laboratories and scientists that look at a wide variety of samples. Whether you are using a light microscope to look for the melting point of a polymer between crossed polarizers, an SEM to analyze a defect in a medical device product, or a stereo-microscope to locate a contaminant in a food product, we can help you see your sample more clearly.

Our resources and expertise may show you what you cannot see with your current instrumentation and setup. If you are interested in improving your analysis, we encourage you to submit a nonvolatile sample for a free thermal analysis on a Linkam thermal stage, an SEM image of your sample, or a low-magnification, high depth-of-field image on a stereo-microscope.

Please fill out this form and we’ll handle the rest. The more you see, the more you’ll be amazed!