The Value of a Subject Matter Expert vs. Subject Matter Acquaintance

In the world of continuing education and training, one constant remains: students want instruction delivered by someone intimately familiar with the subject matter at hand, otherwise known as a subject matter expert (SME). Alternatively, there is the subject matter acquaintance (SMA): someone familiar with a topic who knows more than the average person, and who may have been an SME at one time, but due to a lack of continued practice and training in their field, has become an SMA.

For this discussion, we will assume that the SMA was once an SME. This is an important consideration for adults seeking training in a field that is new to them or for those looking to advance their learning in a particular area of expertise. The practicing professional, someone who is solving real-world problems routinely, remains current in their given profession and has experience teaching. This instructor will offer the best value to the student. When students select a training program, it is important to know who is teaching the course and what their real-world experiences are. In an age where it is difficult to keep up with the current technology, students should be confident that their instructor’s curriculum is rooted in current thinking and methodology. Depending on the field of study, a curriculum that is current one day may be obsolete in six months

The instructors at Hooke College are SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who bring a wide range of unique experiences and problem solving know-how to the classroom. We have assembled the biographies of some of our instructors along with a number of high profile projects they have worked on. We invite you to become acquainted with our experts.

Here are a number of comments from recent students:

SAMPLE PREPARATION TECHNIQUES: The course was awesome! I have been sharing the techniques with the analysts. The exercises performed during class definitely gave me confidence. Most recently, I applied the cross-sectioning techniques to the amazement of my staff. I sliced a 20µm particle like a loaf of bread. Manager of the Particle Laboratory/Quality Control, Luitpold Pharmaceuticals

TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY: I enjoyed every aspect of this course and it gave me a comprehensive view of TEM microscopy. As a new user of TEM microscope, it will definitely provide a smoother starting point of using the FEI Tecnai. Carleton University

SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY: The course was fantastic, and when I worked on the unknowns for the post course session, I learned about what I need (supplies and equipment) to fully utilize the techniques required for the analysis. ……. I am definitely using course learned techniques daily. Maui Police Department Crime Laboratory


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