The Timegate Raman Approach – Application and Instrument Options

The release of the third-generation Timegate PicoRaman M3 spectrometer in 2022 increased application options by drastically reducing fluorescence interference. This latest Timegate instrument delivers measurement results about 40 times faster than previous generations. Timegate has also released a variety of different probe optics for in situ real-time analysis. Take a look at these application and instrument options.


  • On-line Monitoring for Mineral Processes: Timegated Raman spectroscopy can provide compositional, mineralogical and polymorphic information in process analytical technology (PAT) applications. This was recently demonstrated in the Finnish Keliber Oy Lithium project and reported in this application note.
  • Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals with Timegated Raman: Timegate Raman technology is currently being used by pharmaceutical companies to study polymorphic forms of drugs, API synthesis, formulation and manufacturing, and dissolution and bioavailability studies. Real-time measurements can be collected in bioreactors in all phases of drug discovery, development and large-scale production. Additional information is shared in this application note.


  • Raman ProbePro: The Timegate PicoRaman M3 spectrometer can be connected to bioreactors and mineral mixing tanks, and for in situ real-time analysis. The ProbePro solution (Figure 1) has been developed to be compatible with SCHOTT ViewPort®. The use of the SCHOTT ViewPort® optical interface with the ProbePro solution reduces the risk of contamination and SCHOTT offers a wide range of ViewPort® variants that can be integrated into bioreactors of varying sizes and types, from lab-scale to industrial-scale production.
Timegate ProbePro Mini with PicoRaman M3
Figure 1. Timegate ProbePro Mini with PicoRaman M3.
  • Timegate Raman SampleCube: The Timegate Raman SampleCube (Figure 2) enables easy, safe and representative measurements with the M3 sprectrometer. The SampleCube offers experimentation from a larger sample surface, limiting laser exposure for the sample, easy laser focusing, and enhanced eye safety. The SampleCube is compatible with B&W TekBAC 100 series probes or any other probes with similar dimensions.
Timegate SampleCube
Figure 2. Timegate SampleCube.
  • Timegate Raman Microprobe: The Timegate Raman Microprobe (Figure 3) is an easy-to-install accessory for all Olympus BX series microscopes that allows for microscopic analysis with the Timegate M3 spectrometer.
Timegate Raman Microprobe with M3
Figure 3. Timegate Raman Microprobe.

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