New Year, New Products, New Solutions

Every year, companies release new products, often highlighting them as “new and improved.” Improvements are nice, but innovation is better! As The McCrone Group celebrates its 60th Anniversary we look back on 60 years of innovation.

Innovation in our analytical techniques!
Innovation in our teaching methods!
And, most certainly, innovation in the analytical instruments that we offer!

In 2016 we are pleased to release a new JEOL Benchtop SEM, new Hirox digital microscope and a new McCrone Micronizing Mill. These innovative products will help you, our valued customer, streamline your research and ensure even greater accuracy in your results. Here’s how:

The all-new JCM-6000PLUS NeoScope benchtop SEM is as simple to operate as a digital camera, but has the powerful electron optics of an SEM, with up to 60,000X magnification and resolution down to 15 nm. Operation is via a touch screen, and is simplified with auto focus, auto alignment, auto contrast and auto brightness controls. The NeoScope operates in both low and high vacuum modes with three settings for accelerating voltage. These parameters are suitable for a variety of applications, all of which can be programmed in special pre-stored recipe files. This all-new NeoScope offers both an Everhart Thornley-type SE detector as well as a high sensitivity solid state BSE detector. An energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) with SDD technology is available for advanced analytical applications. This cutting-edge instrument will allow you to clearly resolve your specimens and see more than ever before!

JEOL JCM 6000Plus Benchtop SEM.

The new Hirox RH-2000 digital microscope offers a fast and easy mounting system, up to 100 frames/second, and super-fast USB3 connection. Unlike other digital microscopes which have their own stand-alone computer, you can choose any PC, full HD screen, Windows 7 or higher, desktop, or laptop. With the real time 2D and 3D tiling feature, and automated high precision compact X-Y stage, this new innovative microscope allows the user to increase their field of view up to 470 times! And, with the new lens design, integrated with mycom, a small computer, and a bayonet mount, the need for additional cables is eliminated. As always, the Hirox lens options are unmatched, offering magnifications from 0X all the way up to 10,000X.

Hirox RH-2000 digital microscope.

For over 50 years, our McCrone Micronizing Mill (now the XRD-Mill McCrone) has remained the milling industry standard for XRD analysis. The new mill effectively reduces samples to submicrometer sizes suitable for analysis by x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, infrared spectroscopy, and atomic absorption. With virtually no sample loss and an even particle size distribution, the XRD-Mill McCrone remains the industry standard. In 2016, we will introduce a sleek new design, including an intuitive touch panel and digital timer. A variable speed function has also been added, thereby offering the user grinding power flexibility and the opportunity to manage the size reduction process. Thanks to this very gentle process, the crystal lattice of the sample is preserved. This makes the XRD-Mill McCrone the instrument of choice for x-ray diffraction analysis.

XRD-Mill McCrone
XRD-Mill McCrone.

So, please take a look at these new and innovative instruments for 2016! We would be happy to show you how they can improve your workflow.


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