NeoScope II Benchtop SEM

60,000X at your fingertips

The perfect complement to light microscopy, the NeoScope II benchtop SEM gives you the power of scanning electron microscopy in a convenient, compact package.


View samples and capture images at a magnification range of 10X to 60,000X without the need to adjust or change lenses. Improve your analysis and imaging with higher resolution, greater depth of field, longer working distances and better surface sensitivity. Add the optional EDS system to gain elemental analysis.

For over 50 years, McCrone Microscopes & Accessories has remained the industry expert. Let us power up your benchtop to give you remarkable images of protein structures, nano particles and stress fractures.


NeoScope II is fit for every lab.


Materials Analysis
Cell Biology


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NeoScope II Benchtop SEM Specs

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  • Magnify images from 10X to 60,000X
  • Minimize sample prep and generate images in less than 3 minutes
  • Select pre-programmed conditions or set and save your own
  • Optional EDS for elemental analysis

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