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McCrone Microscopes & Accessories Now a Licensed Distributor of the JEOL NeoScope II Benchtop SEM

Launches New Website to Communicate Value of NeoScope II

Westmont, IL (August 14, 2012) — The newest version of the JEOL Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) the JCM-6000 NeoScope (NeoScope II), is now available through McCrone Microscopes & Accessories (MMA).

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories has launched a new website at dedicated to the new NeoScope. Customers will find videos, images, and information explaining the key features and benefits of the NeoScope II. Customers can also initiate a request to have a technician come to their lab to give a free demo.

“The NeoScope II’s microanalytical capabilities, coupled with the highest benchtop magnification and resolution on the market, gives companies the ability to perform in-house SEM analysis,” said Jeff McGinn, president of McCrone Microscopes & Accessories.

With a magnification range up to 60,000X, redesigned with touchscreen software controls, and an optional Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) feature for elemental identification, the NeoScope II will help materials analysis, geological, forensics and pharmaceutical scientists accelerate their research. The JEOL electron microscope is particularly useful as a high-throughput failure analysis tool due to its ability to image defects, surface blemishes and foreign materials.

The NeoScope II has also been tailored for the customer’s convenience. It has a space-saving design, and offers quick loading, simple push-button imaging, and easy multi-format image download.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories provides a full line of SEM accessories for the NeoScope II, as well as on-site training and service contracts.