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The College of Microscopy Expanding with McCrone Facility Plans


Students Will Have Access to State-of-the-Art Facility and Unprecedented Range of Advanced Microscopy Instrumentation

WESTMONT, IL (February 28, 2006) – The McCrone Group Inc., internationally recognized as a world leader in microanalysis and the nation’s Premier Microscopy Resource, announces plans to open a new state-of-the-art College of Microscopy and learning center in Westmont, Illinois. The College of Microscopy specializes in training materials scientists, crime lab personnel, First Responders, researchers and technicians how to identify unknown or suspect materials using light microscopy, electron microscopy, and micro-FTIR/Raman spectroscopy.

The College of Microscopy is a highly specialized academic institution that offers advanced professional training in analytical microscopy techniques, and it has the largest array of advanced modern microscopy instrumentation within any one single location in the United States. The staff of the McCrone Group has been teaching scientists and researchers for more than 40 years.

The new College of Microscopy facility includes the most advanced microscopy equipment, “live” demonstration rooms, a library and a dramatic 140-seat auditorium. McCrone is more than doubling its existing 25,800 square foot headquarters facility to a new world-class 66,700 square foot home for its College of Microscopy, as well as its instrument sales group, analytical laboratory, and business offices.

“The demand for sophisticated techniques and specialists in all areas of forensics science and materials analysis has exploded in the last five years,” said Donald A. Brooks, President & CEO, The McCrone Group. “The demand is especially high in areas of homeland security, forensics and criminal investigation, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology development,” Brooks said.

“We believe that the College of Microscopy will help prepare companies and the nation to solve difficult materials analysis problems, and will be able to ensure that the skills and analytical capabilities of scientists, researchers and science technicians will continue to be developed at the highest level,” Brooks said.

Today, the College of Microscopy provides the most comprehensive learning and advanced microscopy resources available. This includes more than 35 accredited courses in the many analytical methods used in materials analysis, as well as distance learning education, and state-of-the-art resources including the online McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles ( and their complimentary subscription-based peer-reviewed journal,

McCrone believes the expanded College of Microscopy will be able to support the training of more than 1,000 students per year and offer more than 100 accredited courses. Long range plans for the College of Microscopy include offering formalized distance learning and advanced degree programs.

“We expect the forensic courses in the Identification of Unknown White-Powders, Soil Identification for Forensics Evidence, Polarized Light Microscopy, Image Analysis, and Advanced Materials Analysis Techniques to be among those in most demand,” said Charles A. Zona, Vice President and Director of Education for The College of Microscopy.

“The importance of trace evidence in criminal investigative work is better understood after the increased media awareness regarding terrorist threats. There has also been more interest in the microscopy field with the popularity of such television programs as the Discovery Channel, Cold Case Files, Forensic Files, New Detectives, Medical Detectives, Court TV, and CSI,” Zona said. “First responders, evidence technicians, scientists, science teachers, and ambitious science students have been among those seeking our classrooms first,” Zona added.

Many of the College of Microscopy instructors are internationally recognized experts in the field of materials analysis and microscopy. They offer a valuable and unique combination of theoretical and practical hands-on experience, and are valued for their expert laboratory analyses and broad subject matter expertise. For more information regarding the College of Microscopy and upcoming courses, click on

About The McCrone Group
Founded in 1956 and located in Westmont, Illinois, The McCrone Group, Inc. is internationally recognized as “The Premier Microscopy Resource” and a world leader in materials analyses.
Today, The McCrone Group combines the talents and skills of McCrone Associates, McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the College of Microscopy, the online McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles, and

McCrone Associates, the analytical service division, is focused on solving some of the most difficult materials analysis problems along with the day-to-day needs of forensic, pharmaceutical, materials, and environmental laboratories, scientific researchers, and government organizations worldwide.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the instrument sales division, offers a complete line of microscopes and microscopy related instruments, reference standards, and resource books.

The College of Microscopy, the Group’s new Learning Center, provides training to both industry and government scientists worldwide. The staff of The McCrone Group has been teaching scientists and researchers for over 40 years. Today The College of Microscopy offers over 35 courses a year to the technical and educational community around the world.

The Atlas of Microscopic Particles ( , the Group’s new online particle resource, is the first of its kind internet-based particle reference for scientists, microscopists, and criminalists engaged in the materials identification area., McCrone’s online peer-reviewed journal, publishes articles, scientific tips, and tutorials contributed by scientists from around the world.
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