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The McCrone Group adds a new Scanning Electron Microscope for Nanotechnology


WESTMONT, IL (August 14, 2007) – The McCrone Group, Inc., internationally recognized as a world leader in microanalysis and the nation’s Premier Microscopy Resource, announces today the acquisition of a new ultra-high resolution field-emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with advanced optics designed for analysis of nanomaterials and structures. The new SEM from JEOL, model JSM-7500F, is one of only 15 currently installed in the United States.

McCrone’s newest microscope allows specimens to be examined at magnifications up to 1,000,000×, twice the range of McCrone’s current scanning electron microscopes. The resolution of the JSM-7500F is also improved over existing models, ranging down to 0.6 nm at 30 kV accelerating voltage. The wide range of operating modes and detectors are optimized for surface imaging of materials at the nanometer scale.

In order to attain the maximum performance possible from this new SEM, The McCrone Group has constructed a specially designed, environmentally controlled laboratory in their Westmont facility. This new SEM laboratory includes specialized flooring, lighting, and HVAC to produce a controlled environment for the JSM-7500F, with low electromagnetic fields to reduce interferences.

Installation of the SEM will be completed in September and the Company expects it to fully operational by October 1. Five of McCrone’s scientists will be trained to operate the new microscope to provide analytical services for their clients.

Earlier this year, The McCrone Group completed the construction of a custom designed 40,700 square-foot addition to their existing 26,000 square-foot building, which has served as the Group’s headquarters since 1987. The newly completed 66,700 square-foot facility is home to The McCrone Group: McCrone Associates, Inc. (analytical services), McCrone Microscopes & Accessories (instrument sales) and the College of Microscopy (microscopy education and learning). The College of Microscopy has the largest array of microscopy instrumentation available within any single educational facility in the United States.

McCrone has been involved with various forms of nanotechnology for the past 30 years, and has pioneered the use of microscopy techniques for the examination of nanoparticles and materials. “The McCrone Group has been at the forefront of microscopy for more than 50 years, providing analytical services and laboratory research to solve problems and make advances in many areas of science,” said Dr. Kent L. Rhodes, Vice President & Director of Instrumental Analysis, McCrone Associates, Inc.

“The new SEM represents a significant equipment acquisition for the Company, and allows us to continue to offer state-of-the-art electron microscopy services to our clients. Investment in the most advanced instrumentation also inspires our scientists to pursue even higher levels of research and innovation.” Rhodes said.

About The McCrone Group
Founded in 1956 and located in Westmont, IL, The McCrone Group, Inc., is a world leader in materials analysis and is internationally recognized as the premier microscopy resource. The company is comprised of three business units: McCrone Associates, the analytical service division; McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the instrument sales division; and the College of Microscopy, the education division that provides training to industry and government scientists worldwide. For more information about The McCrone Group, please visit

McCrone Associates, the analytical service division, is focused on solving some of the most difficult materials analysis problems along with the day-to-day needs of forensic, pharmaceutical, materials, and environmental laboratories, scientific researchers, and government organizations worldwide.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the instrument sales division, offers a complete line of microscopes and microscopy related instruments, reference standards, and resource books.

The College of Microscopy, the Group’s new Learning Center, provides training to both industry and government scientists worldwide. The staff of The McCrone Group has been teaching scientists and researchers for more than 40 years. Today The College of Microscopy offers more than 35 courses a year to the technical and educational community around the world.

The Atlas of Microscopic Particles (, the Group’s new online particle resource, is the first of its kind internet-based particle reference for scientists, microscopists, and criminalists engaged in the materials identification area.