1st Edition, Essentials of Polarized Light Microscopy and Ancillary Techniques


John Gustav Delly
1st Edition, 2017, pp. 602. Hardcover.

A second edition is available — the Microchemistry chapter has been greatly expanded.

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About This Book

This manual of essentials for the setup, operation, and application of a polarized light microscope for microscopic particle characterization and identification grew out of a need on the part of the Hooke College of Applied Sciences, a member of The McCrone Group, for a suitable modern textbook for use in their microscopy courses.

Culled from the author’s encyclopedic knowledge and experience in polarized light microscopy, Essentials of Polarized Light Microscopy and Ancillary Techniques is a culmination of seventy-plus years of microscopy know-how, skills, and techniques boiled down into its essential elements. Written in an accessible style supported by abundant color photos and illustrations, it almost feels like the author is standing over your shoulder, guiding you along through your study of polarized light microscopy. This kind of writing is rare to find in a field where the few texts on this subject can often get bogged down in difficult to understand language and concepts. It is also loaded with valuable bibliographic references, some of which are annotated by the author.

This text is a fresh approach to applied polarized light microscopy suitable for such diverse applications as contaminant identification, bioterrorism and other hazardous material identification, trace evidence analysis, household dust and air pollution analysis, and many more. In addition to its use in Hooke College classes, the present edition will also find use in other institutions of learning, and can be used for independent study.

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About the Author

John Gustav Delly is professor emeritus of chemical microscopy at The McCrone Group’s Hooke College of Applied Sciences and scientific advisor at McCrone Associates in Illinois. He has more than 50 years of experience in microscopical research, particularly contaminant identification. He has taught courses in microscopy and photomicrography, and developed microscopy training for specific industries. A designer of microscopical accessories, he is the author of more than 500 publications, including Kodak’s Photography Through the Microscope. During his professional career, he was a member of the Royal Microscopical Society, the Quekett Microscopical Club, the Postal Microscopical Society, the New York Microscopical Society (former educational chairman), the State Microscopical Society of Illinois (1995 National Award Recipient and honorary member), the Microscope Historical Society, the Microscopical Society of Southern California, the American Chemical Society, and the American Scientific Glassblowers Society. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, and has judged entries for photomicrography competitions, including Nikon’s Small World and the Polaroid Instant Photomicrography Competition.

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