Excelitas X-Cite 120Q – Used

SKU: U-120Q

These X-Cite 120Q units are gently used.

The X-Cite® 120Q delivers rich spectral excitation and uniform wide-field fluorescence illumination to the sample plane. Designed with proprietary Intelli-Lamp® technology for maintaining optimum lamp temperature and automatically accumulating lamp hours, the X-Cite 120Q provides more than 2000 hours of life. Its 120W lamp is pre-aligned allowing a simple, one-step process for replacements. The optional adjustable iris allows the user to set the intensity level of illumination with a built-in five-step iris to optimize specimen illumination and help minimize photobleaching of fluorophores. The X-Cite 120Q illumination system is ideally suited for routine assays and use in multi-user facilities.

See X-Cite’s qualified microscopes list to check for compatibility with your instrument.

Download X-Cite’s User Guide.


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