Extec Labpol 12 1.0 Advanced Automatic Grinder/Polisher


The Extec Labpol 12 1.0 Advanced Automatic Grinder/Polisher is a completely new, upgraded design. It is a versatile, robust system that can be configured, as required, with 8” (203 mm), 250 mm (10”), or 12” (305 mm) platen.

The Extec Labpol 12 1.0 Advanced Grinder/Polisher features a central pressure head that accepts up to five 2” mounts or six 1.5” samples. The variable speed head can be operated at 10-150 RPM. Oscillating movement to ensure flatness is available. The oscillating movement is variable speed and is a variable angular stroke. This unit is adaptable to the Extec Electronic Dispensing Unit. The dispensing unit operates with a peristaltic pump and features a reverse rinsing function. It has a total of 4 bottles; 3 bottles for polishing suspensions and 1 bottle for lubricant.

Optional oscillating movement allows the user to achieve unrivalled levels of performance and versatility. With both variable speed and variable angular stroke the oscillating movement improves and ensures the quality of flatness and increases stock removal. It also extends the unit’s life as a result of the uniform wear across the entire platen surface.

The platen is driven by a 0.75 kW, 1 hp motor which is complemented by Highly Efficient Torque Capabilities. The variable speed platen can be operated at 20-650 rpm in both directions, clock wise (CW) and counter clock wise (CCW). An energy saving LED illuminates the work area.

The Extec Labpol 12 1.0 Advanced Grinder/Polisher features a 5.7” EZ-TSK (Touch Screen Keypad) for simple user operation. The unit is equipped with both an Ethernet connection and a USB port for simple saving and loading of programs.

A water inlet and outlet are located on the rear panel. The retractable faucet features an adjustable water flow and allows for easy cleaning. The unit and operators are protected by a safety solenoid valve.

The Extec Labpol 12 1.0 can be made into a floor unit with the optional base cabinet. The base cabinet is equipped with a top drawer and a pocket on the door for manuals and other documents.

The measured stock removal option (central pressure only) allows the user to program procedures based on necessary amount of material to be removed instead of preparation time. This is advantageous for the user in that it minimizes grinding time while guaranteeing the correct amount of material is removed. Stock removal allowed in 0.1 mm increments from 0.1 mm to 3.5 mm.

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  • 10451 – Extec Labpol 12 1.0 Advanced Automatic Grinding/Polishing Machine with Central Pressure Head
  • 10454 – Extec Labpol 12 1.0 Advanced Automatic Grinding/Polishing Machine with Central Pressure Head, (10462) Oscillating Head, and (10464) Electronic Dispensing System


  • 10464 – Extec Electronic Dispensing Unit – 4 Unit (3 Suspensions + 1 Lubricant) with Peristaltic Pump
  • 10462 – Extec Oscillating Head With Variable Speed Movement and Variable Angular Stroke for Central Pressure Head and Combo Pressure Head units. Must be ordered with unit.
  • Accepts 250 mm and 12” (305 mm) platen
  • Central pressure head accepts up to five 2” samples or six 1.5’ samples
  • Variable Head Speed 10-150 RPM
  • Variable Platen Speed 20-650 RPM
  • 220 volts, 1 phase
  • High efficiency torque driven motor 0.75 kW, 1 hp
  • Dimensions: L 27” x W 22” x H 26” (685 mm x 560 mm x 660 mm)
  • Weight: 200 lb (90 kg)

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