Extec Labpol 8″ Duo Twin Grinder/Polisher


The Extec Labpol 8″ Duo Twin Grinder/Polisher has 8″ (203 mm) aluminum platens; it is a twin disc polishing machine with a low profile front deck. The machine operates at variable speeds between 50-500rpm with the set speed on a front display panel.

A water lubrication inlet and outlet are located on the rear panel. A control tap and flexible hose is located beside each platen so that water can be directed to any part of the platens during pregrinding.

The Labpol Duo 8 features a single EZ-DRO (digital read out) for simple user operation of the dual platens. Platens can be operated simultaneously at 0-500 rpm in both directions, clock wise (CW) and counter clock wise (CCW).

The unit has a 1HP (0.75 kW) motor and a single controller operating both platens at variable speed between 0-500 rpm.

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Motor: Variable Speed, 1.0 HP (.75kW) motor and controller.

Platen Supports: Quick Release system for changing platens.

Diameter of Platens: 8″ (203mm)

Lubrication: Water inlet and outlet in rear panel. Flexible tap with flexible hose to direct water to any pat of platen to direct water to any part of platen.

Electronics: Demand speed between 50-500rpm. Set speed on display.

Electrical: 110V, 220V

Dimensions: Width: 25 1/2″ (650 mm)

Depth: 24″ (610mm) (add 1″ (30mm) for inlet/outlet on rear panel.

Height: 11″ (280mm)

Weight: 70 lbs. (32Kg)

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