Hirox HRX-01


The HRX-01 features a brand new high resolution camera, a newly developed intelligent stand combined with high end motorized lenses, bringing digital microscopy to a completely new level. Because we know that each customers needs is unique, it’s easy to customize your system using the most advanced lens, stand, software, and PC for your specific observation applications.

Ultra High Resolution 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera

Newly developed 5.0 Mega pixel CMOS chip supporting ultra high resolution with 50 frames per second providing crystal clear images.

Live HDR – Automatic Optimization of Live Images

The HRX-01 artificial intelligence automatically selects the optimal observation settings according to the observation scene and object.

Easy High Speed Interface

The choice to use a separate workstation PC allows end-users to meet the diversified needs of many types of working environments and ability to upgrade the PC. IT professionals have the ability to access, maintain and secure PCs for network use.

Platform Compatible with Surface Studio and 4K PCs

Select necessary application software and features for personal preferences and samples. Capability to create and save individual operators’ customized settings for daily use.

Hirox Lens Series

Motorized zoom, and fast, magnetic snap-on adapters with software recognition makes the operation easy, even for those who have never used a digital microscope before.

Introducing the new Hirox masterpiece: The new motorized telecentric zoom lens HR-1020E (10-200x) is the result of over 40 years of optical manufacturing and engineering excellence. Combined with the HRX-01, intelligent sensors—in real time—compute the lens zoom information, detect illumination adapters, register X, Y and Z positions, and record those conditions to redefine completely the user experience.

  • Large aperture lens provides super high resolution and crystal clear images
  • Fully motorized zoom lens for easy operation and improved accuracy
  • Telecentric lens without distortion for precise measurement
  • Wide angle high resolution one-shot observation with magnification starting from 10X
HR-1020E motorized zoom lens
HR-1020E telecentric ultra high resolution motorized zoom lens (10-200X).

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