JEOL Particle Analysis Software 3 (PA3)


JEOL’s Particle Analysis Software 3 (PA3) enhances the capability of your analytical SEM by automating the detection, EDS analysis and classification of particles, grains or other features in your samples. Fully integrated with our SEM EDS systems, PA3 increases throughput and productivity by providing fast, unattended measurements across large areas of a sample, or multiple samples.

From manufacturing, quality management, product development and research, PA3 augments existing inspection capabilities at the micron and sub-micron scale. Areas that benefit from PA3 include:

  • Inclusions in metal alloys
  • Automotive cleanliness
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Identification of foreign substances
  • Forensics (GSR)
  • Electronics
JEOL PA3, EX-36320PA3, spectrum on table
JEOL PA3 software: spectrum on table.

For routine analyses, recipes can be created which store specific configurations for particle detection and user-defined chemical classifications. Recipes simplify the setup and make it fast and easy for the less experienced user. Optional libraries are available that meet various industry standards such as:

  • Metal Feature Analysis (MFA) Library. For the analysis of
    inclusions in steel with classification and reporting that complies with ISO 4967.
  • Road Vehicle Cleanliness (RVCLB) Library. For particle analysis from automotive parts with classification and
    reporting that complies with ISO 16232.
  • Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Library with classification and reporting that complies with ASTM E1588
JEOL Particle Analysis Software 3 (PA3).
JEOL Particle Analysis Software 3 (PA3).

Advanced functions are built-in for optimizing particle characterization routines and include:

  • Probe tracking
  • Using shape information to include/exclude particles from EDS analyses
  • Automatic gun axis alignment to control brightness changes and stopping the run once a
    specified number of particles are detected

Particle morphology and element composition results can be processed and viewed in multiple ways (histogram, scatter plots, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF); reports are adaptable to meet your requirements.

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