Lasertec Optelics Hybrid Confocal Microscope


We are pleased to introduce the OPTELICS HYBRID Confocal Microscope from Lasertec. It is the world’s first hybrid confocal microscope with laser and a white light source combined in one body, for a multi-functional high-performance confocal microscope.

Two sets of confocal optics combined with additional functions including interferometer, differential interference contrast observation, and spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement.

The OPTELICS HYBRID performs multiple tasks that normally require several different tools.

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  • High resolutions: A 405nm laser enables high-magnification high-resolution observation to be performed for clear visualization of extremely fine-structured samples.
  • Wide FOV: The field of view is approximately 1.6 times wider than that of the average scanning laser microscope for higher operation efficiency.
  • Nano-scale measurement: Optical interferometry, spectroscopic reflectometer, and atomic force microscope (AFM) are available for measurement of nanometer-scale structures (AFM is optional).
  • Wavelength selection: A wavelength can be selected from 6 different wavelengths for optimum observation and measurement of each sample.
  • High-resolution full-color imaging: Color confocal optics provides high-resolution full-color images with high depth of field.
  • Observation and measurement of various samples including semiconductor materials and devices, transparent films, ITO films, MEMS, coating materials and films, inorganic and organic materials, biological samples, metal parts, and plastic parts.

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