Light Duty Boomstand


Low cost combined with high quality make the SMS16 Boom Stand an unmatched value in it class. It’s height and long reach create ample room to work on and inspect large parts under the microscope.


The “Bonder Mount Socket” at the end of the horizontal arm accepts the industry standard 5/8″ diameter microscope mounting dowel. Focus drives with this mounting dowel are commonly available from microscope manufacturers. Microscopes that do not have the standard 5/8″ mounting dowel can be provided with a Diagnostic Instruments tilting or non-tilting microscope mount. A lever knob adjusts a friction collar that captures the 5/8″ mounting dowel and allows the microscope to rotate around a vertical axis. The microscope then can be easily aligned to the user’s eyes when repositioned.

Anti-rotation is accomplished via a delrin plug and a flatted horizontal arm. The vertical and horizontal travels are securely locked into position with a “Soft-Grip” knobs. Vertical column length’s of 15.75″ and 24″ are available. The extra length column is used to compensate for work space lost when microscope mounts are used.

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