Linkam BCS196 Cryobiology Stage


The BCS196 Cryobiology Stage delivers unrivalled temperature accuracy for biologists working at low temperatures. The BCS196 cryostage has been at the forefront of cryobiology for over 15 years.

Each sample is placed on a 0.17mm thick cover slip on a pure silver heating / cooling element which is accurately controlled by a platinum temperature sensor mounted within 0.5mm of the surface. The sample can be easily moved in both X and Y directions using precision ground manipulators, enabling the user to effectively follow ice crystal growth across the sample with temperature change. The MDBCS196 stage is also available for customers requiring motorised sample manipulation.

Biological samples are often transparent and require phase contrast techniques to make them visible. Linkam manufactures a range of condenser extension lenses and phase rings to make this possible.

The BCS196 can be used to determine the effects of ice crystal size on the sample by the use of the isolated seeding point which enables ice crystal seeding through the sample. The stage can be further modified with a quench cooling feature that enables you to push the sample from an isolated platform onto the pre-cooled silver block and achieve cooling rates approaching 5000°C/min.

LINK software can be used to record the entire experiment and associated images, which can then be displayed as a chart or exported further analysis.

A system requires both the BCS196 stage and a T96-S temperature controller, which is available with either LINK software for computer control or a LinkPad touch screen for stand-alone control. For cooling below ambient temperatures, an optional LNP96-S liquid nitrogen pump is also available.

Find out how others scientists have used this product by typing BCS196 + cryobiology into Google, or just type BCS196 and see what turns up.

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The temperature range spans from < -195°C (with the addition of an LNP96-S) to 125°C for a versatile range of experiments.


The T96-S controller allows the stage to heat samples at a maximum rate of 150°C/minute.


The embedded high quality Pt100 platinum sensor guarantees high accuracy and stability throughout the temperature range.


Sample position can be controlled over 15mm of travel in both X and Y directions via the precision ground manipulators.


Simple and easy stage purging to allow atmospheric composition control.


Achieve cooling rates approaching 5000°C/min.


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Temperature range:  < -195°C (with the addition of an LNP96-S) to 125°C

Controlled heating and cooling rates:  0.01°C to 150°C/min

XY Manipulation:  Up to 15mm

Light aperture:  1.3mm diameter for accurate sample temperatures

Stage body size: 135 x 92 x 22.1mm

Objective lens working distance: 0.1mm to 4.8mm (solutions for shorter working distance lenses available on request)

Compatibility: Clamping options are additionally available for most microscopes

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