Linkam CCR1000 Catalysis System


The CCR1000 Catalyst Cell Reactor is a versatile stage that has been designed to study catalytic reactions at high temperature and pressure. It enables the user to carry out small scale tests on catalyst formulations and evaluate the results using a number of gas analysis techniques.
Samples are mounted on a virtually unreactive disposable ceramic fabric filter which is placed inside the ceramic heating chamber. The carrier gas is introduced into the stage via a high pressure 1/16 gas line. The gas is then partially pre-heated and passed through the sample and ceramic fabric filter. The tube of the heater is very narrow to prevent dead space and to ensure that it remains hot enough to prevent any condensation before it is available for gas analysis.

All parts of the cell in contact with the sample and gas are selected for their unreactive properties; the majority of the parts in contact with the sample and carrier gas are either ceramic or stainless steel. The stage is designed with optical access to the reaction chamber making it ideal for use with reflected light microscopy and spectroscopic techniques including Raman and FT-IR microscopy such as Operando.

Temperature is accurately controlled by the Linkam T96-S controller (via the S-type platinum/rhodium thermocouple) which can heat samples at a rate of up to an impressive 200°C/min. Thermocouple linearization (linearized to 0.1°C and displayed to 0.1°C) and cold junction compensation are performed inside the T96-S controller.

A system requires the CCR1000, ECP water circulation pump and a T96-S controller, which is available with either LINK software for computer control, or a LinkPad touch screen for stand-alone control.

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From ambient to 1000°C.


From 0.1°C to 200°C/min.


The T96-S controller accurately controls the temperature via the S-type platinum/rhodium thermocouple.


Compatible with reflected light upright microscopes and other spectroscopic techniques including Raman and FT-IR microscopy such as Operando.


Water-cooled stage body for safe work above 300°C.


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Temperature Range: From ambient to 1000°C

Heating/Cooling Rates: From 0.1°C to 200°C/min

Temperature Stability: 0.1°C

Pressure: Up to 5 Bar

Sample Size: 5.8mm ø chamber (accommodates 70-100mg dependent on sample type)

Objective Lens Working Distance: 7.9mm

Compatibility:  The CCR1000 is designed for use in reflected light applications only; reflected light, upright and Raman microscopes. Clamping options are additionally available for most microscopes.

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