Linkam HS1500 High Temperature Stage


Linkam high temperature stages are used in a wide variety of applications including geology, metallurgy, ceramics, and high temperature polymers. When some samples are heated to high temperatures, they can release volatile components which condense on the window, obscuring the optical path. To overcome this, Linkam engineers have developed a simple, but extremely effective, solution. The new HS1500 stage incorporates a large window that can be rotated to move a clear area into the optical path.

Operating up to 1500 °C, the new HS1500 features a 55 mm rotatable quartz sample observation window, which allows the user to turn the window to a new, clear area during the experiment if they observe volatile emissions settling onto the viewing window. This new functionality is especially useful in observing how materials such as ceramics, metallic alloys, and polymers react to ultra-high temperatures, without compromising the image quality.

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