Linkam LTS120 Thermal Stage


Specifically designed for the study of liquid crystals, Linkam’s LTS120 Peltier stage is an easy-to-use thermoelectrically cooled device which provides a straightforward means of temperature control with minimal setup required. It does not require liquid nitrogen to cool below ambient temperature and provides a simple turnkey solution with +/- 0.1°C temperature stability and control. It also offers rapid sample loading and precise sample positioning in the temperature range of -40°C, (optional F250 re-circulating cooler required for temperatures below -25°C), to 120°C.

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The LTS120 stage has a narrower range in temperature, but the system does not require liquid nitrogen to cool and can reach temperatures as low as -40°C using just circulated cooling water* to achieve significant delta T values (optional F250 re-circulating cooler required for temperatures below –25°C) to 120°C).

The LTS120 sample chamber is gas tight and features gas valves to enable purging with inert gas or control of humidity.

The stage consists of a large area temperature controlled element with a platinum resistor sensor embedded close to the surface for accurate temperature measurements. The sample is simply mounted on a standard microscope slide in direct contact with the polished heating element and can be manipulated 15mm in X and Y direction.

To minimise the temperature gradient across the sample, the light aperture in the block is only 2.5mmØ.

The new T96-P controller with LinkPad touch screen control is used to quickly program a temperature profile by simply tapping the onscreen controls.

The intuitive LINK temperature control software comes as part of the system and enables full PC programming of the temperature.

The system comes as a simple turn key solution easily operated with little or no experience with temperature controlled stages.

There are stage clamps available to attach the stage to the substage of the microscope or use the Linkam Imaging station to ensure even greater sample access and free up your research microscope for other microscope based applications where the Peltier is not required.

*(requires circulating water at 5°C to reach -40°C . -25°C is possible when using ECP supplied with the system)

Temperature Range: -40°C to 120 °C
Sample area of 40 mm x 40 mm
Simple stage purging to allow atmospheric control in the chamber
Swing out lid for easy sample loading
Stage Body Size: 166 x 90 x 24 mm
100 ohm platinum sensor
Temperature stability & accuracy to 0.1°C
Maximum heating / cooling rate of 30°C/min
Response time of <1 second at 5°C/min at 50°C
Objective lens minimum working distance 5.8mm
Condenser lens minimum working distance 13.2mm

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